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It's easy to let those old and wrecked cars rust away on the back of your property, taking up space. These vehicles aren't doing anyone any good. Take action and clean up your space by calling our salvage experts at Liges Auto Salvage & Repair!

Receive fair prices for your old cars

• Cars

• Trucks

• SUVs

• Vans

• Any make or model

• No keys required

• Fast and effective removal service

• And more!

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We know how to make customers choose Liges Auto Salvage & Repair time and again. It's simple: honest, straightforward, and professional customer service.

You don't need the keys to have us remove your junked vehicle!

Call us today for more information about our salvage.

Know that you are getting the best value for your old or wrecked salvage vehicles. Our family-owned and operated shop has been open for 45 years because of good business.